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Friday, May 02, 2008


After much thought and consideration, I have decided to move!
This is the new address:


Neng and Kai Ling influenced me and I was thinking I need something fresh, so why not give it a try. Bye bye blogspot!

Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm thinking whether or not i should make this blog private, as in only invited readers will be able to view my blog. I feel uncomfortable writing certain posts for the public. Well, should I or shoud I not?

Just a personal statement:
It's not about the award or recognition but the appreciation.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sore muscles and crushed egos

Chong Yen called me two weeks back asking me whether I would like to join an event similar to The Amazing Race but it's a smaller scaled one. I jumped into it as I have always dreamt about entering such races.

It's actually The Adventurace 2008 organized by Sky Adventure Club of Taylors College.

So three of us, Hao Long, Chong Yen and I joined without having any clue what is in stored for us. Before joining, we have a problem. We needed a group photo and three of us gathered together with Ke-Li and Kylye to get a good picture. We took 64 shots and came out with 62 bad shots, 1 okay shot and 1 good shot. We were actually very embarrassed to take pictures in AEON shopping centre.

This is the okay shot. Chong Yen looks like an ape here.

Finally, one photo which is okay and can be sent to the organizers.

It was a two day one night cross-state event. At first, we didn't know where we were supposed to go but we predicted it to be somewhere in the neighbouring state like Melaka or Seremban. True enough, the event was in Melaka.

It was crazy during the race. Everything was so fast paced and of course, our leg muscles were the victims. I couldn't take any photos during the race and our phones were kept by the organizers. When we reached the pit-stop on day 1, we were 9th; a disappointing result. We practically gave up hope on day 2 as we were too far back.
I do not wish to bore you with the details of the game.

All in all, the event was fun. I have to take my hat off for the organizers for organizing such a huge event. Oh yeah, we had a all sponsored buffet dinner over at Michelangelo's Italian Kitchen. Not bad right?

BTW, Ke-Li's group won the race. (Ke-Li is Chong Yen's girlfriend) Her group is made up by 2 girls and a guy while my group has 3 guys. How embarrassing for us!

Hao Long, Gunner (our guide) and me.

This is something interesting. We were given a brain teaser during the race. We could obtain the Fast Forward if we answered the question correctly.


Given these numbers:

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

By only using them once, fill in the blanks to satisfy the equation without using a calculator. (This follows the Mathematical rule: Multiplication and division should be done first.)
(0 has a meaning. It may not be used as '03'. I.E. : 10 or 30.

__ __ x __ __ - __ __ /__ __ + __ __ = 1000

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Buckcherry - Sorry

Oh I had alot to say
Was thinking on my time away
I missed you and things weren't the same
'Cause everything inside it never comes out right
And when I see you cry it makes me wanna die.

I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue
I'm sorry about all the things I said to you
And I know I can't take it back
I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds
And baby the way you make my world go 'round
And I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

This time I think I'm to blame
It's harder to get through the days
We get older and blame turns to shame
'Cause everything inside it never comes out right
And when I see you cry it makes me wanna die.

I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue
I'm sorry about all the things I said to you
And I know I can't take it back
I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds
And baby the way you make my world go 'round
And I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

Every single day I think about how we came all this way
The sleepless nights and the tears you cried
It's never too late to make it right
Oh yeah sorry

I'm sorry I'm bad, I'm sorry you're blue
I'm sorry about all the things I said to you
And I know I can't take it back
I love how you kiss, I love all your sounds
And baby the way you make my world go 'round
And I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I'm sorry baby.
I'm sorry baby, Yeah.
I'm sorry.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Theory of Evolution

Those who took advance Biology would have studied the Theory of Evolution as postulated by Charles Darwin. I find this topic extremely intriguing as I thought about my conversation I had with David on this particular topic back in our Form 5 year. Theory of Evolution suggest that Homo Sapien evolved from apes, which means, this dude below was your ancestor.

Evolution occurs slowly over thousands of years due to natural selection, genetic drift, speciation etc. Over the years, organisms evolved to adapt to their surroundings. In the wild, the rule is simple; it's the survival of the fittest. The weak ones lose out and will eventually die.

For an example, male antelopes have to establish their dominance to have the right to mate. Thus, the males have to fight it out to prove that the strongest one is the dominant male. Only the fittest and strongest of all would prevail. This dominant male would "enjoy" the process and will pass down its genetic information to its offspring. Thus, the offspring will inherit the best gene from their father and to ensure the survival of the species.

I still find the conversation I had with David ridiculously funny. We have totally different opinions about how human came by. I am a man of science whereas David is a man of God. I find the Theory of Evolution acceptable but to David, it's nonsense. He brought up an example of a mobile phone.

David : Who created handphones?
Me : *smacks forehead. Humans lah!
David : See! Handphones did not just evolve from nowhere and turn into one. Humans created it. Humans must be created by someone, and the person is God.

I did get his point but his example was a bad one. We continued arguing for the rest of our free period and finally came out with nothing. I do enjoy argumentative conversations like this, occasionally.

As I have mentioned, evolution is a very slow process and it takes thousands of years. I have been observing a little and I can see evolution in us.

I am sure all of you would have mentioned that kids nowadays are getting smarter and smarter. Well, of course, they are also getting lazier and lazier. My cousins, as young as 7 year olds already have the knowledge to use mobile phones, digital cameras, computer and some even know how to chat through the MSN. Just think about it, when did you start using the internet? 12 maybe? And do you remember ICQ? Haha. Those were the days. These kids need to have the knowledge in information technology in order to survive in the future. Thus, they are groomed to be used to all this since they are young.

You may argue that they are good because they are exposed to all these stuff since they were young. But, could this be a sign that evolution is taking place?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I thought I would have stopped blogging for good, but somehow, I have decided not to. Previously, I followed the trend. Blogging seems to be the way to go and well, I would like to try it out. Blogging needs a certain commitment to it. But to some, blogging comes naturally as they are able to express their feelings, ideas and thoughts very well.

Now, why am I back here blogging? It's simple. I would like to improve my writing skills. I do not have the ability to write beautiful essays with 1001 different vocabulary. I would not be able to achieve that even if I learn it for the next 100 years. I was not born a writer and never will be one. I do get jealous when I read essays by Neng and Kai Ling. Both seem to have the natural ability and the sentences which they construct have different patterns and characters to it. They are able to express their feelings vividly through writing.

And yeah, Neng, I NEED HELP WITH MY PERSONAL STATEMENT!!! It's a disaster!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

This may be a possible comeback

It has been ages! I believe I have lost almost all of my readers. People do get pissed off by coming back numerous times and see the same thing again and again.

And finally! I have completed the "toughest" and most enduring pre-U course in Malaysia; STPM. *I'm trying to exaggerate it here. Form 6 is pretty alright except for a few hiccups here and there. Overall, it was a one and a half years well spent there; all because of the results. But now, it is the anxious wait for university application results. *shudders.

Afew photos to share what I've been doing.

Pangkor Island - My last school trip EVER!

The Great Wall of China

Till then!